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Blessed are the Book Worms




I found this pic I took of two of  (my many) “favorite books”.   I can say with confidence I will never be an owner of a Kindle or Nook. Ya, they’re neat and cool and technologically savvy but nothing compares with opening a book and FEELING the pages. I love they way all my books look in my book cases, too.  I love rearranging them periodically and in the process, thumbing through old favorites and refreshing my memory of the stories and content within them. No technology is comparable to that, to me, anyway.

I found this quote floating around on the interweb and it made me smile….




Happy Reading~

Abby Rae






Okay, so the quote is waaaay outta touch with modern science but I still like it!  I’ve BEEn interested in the wee BUZZards since I found out how unbelievably skilled and efficient they were in geometry. (I dig math, okay?!)




~Bees do not see the color red but they can see ultraviolet colors

~~A queen bee chooses the sex of her offspring

~~~Honey bees are not born to make honey: they are taught by their elders

~~~~Been around for 30 million years

~~~~~A honeycomb is made of hexagonal cells with walls that are only 2/1000 inch thick, but support 25 times their own weight

~~~~~~Bees pollinate an average of 15 billion dollars in crops every year

~~~~~~~Bees dance to communicate

~~~~~~~~Bees are super-smart at math and can calculate angles

~~~~~~~~~The hexagonal honeycomb shape is a reflection of this ability, as it is the most efficient use of space for them to store food

~~~~~~~~~~Honey is the only food made by insects that is eaten by man

~~~~~~~~~~~Honey has everything in it to sustain life, with an added antioxidant that promotes brain functioning

~~~~~~~~~~~~Human brains have trillions of glial “glue” cells that form a honeycomb pattern that nourishes and protects neurons



What It Really Means To Be A Catholic


You’re Awesome!




Happy Wednesday,

Abby Rae

Life Lessons From Mr. Magorium

My daughter picked  three movies last night for our “Movie Night”.  She carefully spent time choosing them from our enormous collection and returned with “three movies I KNOW you love, mom!” I smiled when I saw Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium :)   Yes, I live in fantasy land a majority of the time!  As we watched Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal of the quirky, lovable Mr. Magorium,  I knew I had to post some of  the WONDERFUL insights from the movie~ I hope you enjoy!

“I don’t know why grown-ups don’t believe what they did when they were kids.  I mean, aren’t they supposed to be smarter?”

“Your life is an occasion, rise to it.”

“We must face tomorrow, whatever it may hold, with determination, joy, and bravery.”

“Fun and mental is fundamental.”

“There are a million things one might do with a block of wood. But what do you think might happen if someone, just once, believed in it?”

“Turn the page, continue reading, and let the next story begin…”

“We humans can never claim to do nothing, we breath, we pulse, we regenerate.”

“What Mahoney needed was the opportunity to prove to herself that she was something more than she believed.”


Abby Rae

Venus, Oh Venus

Okay, so the song is dorky but I would only be kidding myself if I did not own up to my dorky-side:)

I love Malt Shop Oldies (yes, I got that term from the infomercial) and I thought it was perfect for today’s alluring VENUS TRANSIT!

This is a SUPER DUPER time for everyone on this beautiful planet as the SUN and VENUS are joined together in the sky!  I found this sweet little article that goes more in-depth and what I particularly found crazy/cool is that the author gives a mini-history lesson on the transit, as well! Hope you enjoy!


Don’t hold back! SPREAD YOUR LOVE!

Abby Rae


Big THANK YOU to Real Women’s Health for nominating me  for the SUNSHINE AWARD!!!  I am into REAL info from REAL people and this site offers FANTABULOUS insights and reflections  into healthy eating and living!

Below is a little list of  some of my FAVORITE THINGS and  a list  10 bloggers I think deserve a BIG BOUQUET of SUNSHINE!

Favorite Color~ PURPLE
Favorite Animal~ LION
Favorite number~ 33!
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink~ Coffee & Almond Joy Creamer
Facebook or Twitter~ I like both for different reasons
My Passion~ Analyzing & Creating
Prefer getting or giving presents~ Giving!
Favorite pattern~ My Birth Chart (Astrology)
Favorite Day of the Week~ SUNday :)
Favorite Flower~ Tiger Lily

FAVORITE BLOGS  that inspire my thoughts, increase my awareness, make me laugh, and broaden my perspectives~ Check them out!!!


My Voyage Through Time


In My Opinion

Milkywaymaid’s Weblog

AMY KEAST intuitive



Just Words

Serenity in the City

Are You Having Fun, Yet?

Too many obstacles and perceptions block all the FUN outta life~ Un-bunch those panties! Laugh, play, dance and sing like you don’t have a care in the world (even for a brief 60 seconds)~ Let Loose and Free yourself from all the binding you have allowed yourself to get caught up in! Love the LIFE your LIVIN’ and it will LOVE you back!

Have a free-spirited, child-like day!

Abby Rae

Oh, Shit I Got a Head Rush!



Read if you like to giggle about the occasional  use of psychedelic drugs or if you just like to giggle abut silly things in general  ~ Took me bake to the ’90′s~ the candy aisle at the local gas station never looked so beautiful :)


All The Times That I Did Mushrooms « Thought Catalog.

The Wrong Side of Nashville

In June of 1998, I was seventeen years old, newly graduated, and ready to smoke and drink the hell outta my summer! To say I was less than excited to learn my parents had collaborated yet another family vacation with my Aunt Alice and Uncle Pat, is an understatement. I knew better, or better put MY PARENTS knew better to ponder one second on the idea of me staying home. The only saving grace was that my cousins Katie, who was my age, and her little brother Kevin, two years younger,were along for the hall, too. I was an only child; Katie and Kevin were the equivalent of my brother and sister, so the trip couldn’t be all that bad.  We were ALL going to the Smokey Mountains and we were ALL going to have a fun and memorable time.  No one knew, yet, of the memories that awaited.

It was near midnight when the stop of  my mom’s ’94 Cavalier forced me awake. I nudged Katie to get up as my aunt’s green Caravan pulled up alongside us. “Where are we?” Katie asked, as she let out a yawn. I surveyed the parking lot, glanced up and laughed, “Music City ‘Otor’ Inn” pointing to the red, flickering, neon sign that topped the motel.  Just then, Kevin emerged out of the van and came up to my window.

“Check this place out!” he said. His voiced was filled fifteen-year old, boyhood excitement. “I think that’s a hooker over there!  He discretely nudged his head in the direction of a women in a spandex, leopard-print dress, with matching stilettos.

“Shit. We are on the WRONG side of Nashville, what the hell?” I said back to him and we started laughing. By this time, I could overhear my mom suggesting that we drive a little further into to town to find a more suitable place to sleep for the night. Unfortunately, her plea fell on the deaf, tired, completely stubborn, and mildly inebriated ears of my uncle.

This was no Best Western. This place wasn’t even comparable to a  Motel 6! As we walked up the concrete steps to the second floor of the motel, we passed several discarded 40′s wrapped in paper bags and hear the sounds of sirens in the not-too-far distance. I teasingly asked my dad if he had to pay by the hour. My humor at the present moment, clearly, did not amuse him, as I received no response. I still could not pass up the opportunity for jokes and as we entered the run-down room, I pondered out loud, ” I bet Dolly stayed in this very room. I can just feel her presence here, can’t you?” I still received no bounce-back jokes from my dad. This was clearly not his idea but he obviously didn’t  want to argue with my drunk uncle over his stellar choice in motels.

It was as if we had been transported to a scene from a  70′s porno.  The decor; dim, amber lighting; and smell all screamed DIRTY! My eyes canvassed the room and stopped on the wall just above the two queen-sized beds. No, I was not admiring the room’s artwork. My eyes were fixed on, what looked like huge blood splatters. I gasped and pointed, “Mom!”

“Oh, Abby. It’s probably just soda.”  I was definitely not convinced.

“I’m not sleeping on these sheets!” I stated through my teeth.

My mom responded in her most-motherly voice. “You girls get your sleeping bags out and sleep on top of quilt. It’s only one night and we will be gone before you know it. Just ge t some sleep.” Katie was not one to rebel so she headed to the bed.  I crawled in my sleeping bag, using it as a protective barrier and sat in the yellow, pleather chair in front of the TV. Thank God this piece of shit, scum-ball motel had cable.

I sat up all night in the chair, questioning what sort of filth lay hidden around me. Music videos, cop sirens, and my thoughts kept me occupied. I wondered what the motel clerk must have thought when he saw our two families pull into the parking lot earlier. I also wondered what my idiot friends were doing back at home while I was stuck in the Roach Motel.

Soon enough, the sun rose, and before long my Aunt Alice was knocking on the door with video camera in hand.  “This is just to unbelievable not get on tape!” she said with a rested laugh.  She scrolled over the room, getting every nearly every preposterous detail to show to anyone who dared disbelieve our verbal accounts of the No-tell, Motel. She said our blood stained wall trumped their moldy doughnut under the bed.

Laughing hysterically, my mom noted,”Nothing beats the cum-stained chair Abby sat in all night!”

I shot her a glare of  disgusting disbelief. “I’m sorry, Ab. I just didn’t have the heart to tell ya and I really didn’t wanna hear any more bitching!”

We packed up in no time at all and headed towards Gatlinburg. About a half mile down the road stood a big Holiday Inn advertising a HUGE indoor swimming pool…No one said a word.


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