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I found this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on randirhodes.com and felt it was worth sharing. I do not feel I can change anyone’s political views, nor to I intend to but believe the chart is worth sharing.  I wish more individuals were more concerned and accurately informed about their local, state and national leaders. I also firmly believe that WE ARE THE PEOPLE and that THE PEOPLE’S  diverse opinions (as long as they are informed) matter~


CHART: President Obama’s REAL record on Jobs | RR – NEWS – Randi Rhodes.


Get out and rock the hell out of YOUR VOTE & YOUR VOICE this year!

Abby Rae

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Comments on: "CHART: President Obama’s REAL record on Jobs | RR – NEWS – Randi Rhodes" (2)

  1. And speak often between votes. Let your elected representatives know what you think of how they’re representing you – whether or not you voted for them, and always respectfully. Dialogue limited to the ballot box is limited…not enough! Thanks!

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