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READ dammit!

Okay, so I just got home from my class at the local university and I am quite pissed off at the idiocy of 95% of the students in this bullshit media class. I will start off my saying the homework that was given could have been done my husband, who didn’t even graduate highschool (no offense deary-giggles). Anywho~ question #2: List 6 books you have read recently. Do you know that only 2, yes 2 (moi being one half of the 2) had a list of books. WHAT IN THE HELL PEOPLE!!! ???  Each one of them  had whiny answers like the following:

1. I haven’t read a book since junior high

2.I just don’t like reading

3. Well, I read to my kid every night

4. I am too busy to read


I gave them the benefit of the doubt until we covered newspapers and magazines…and none of them read those either. Really?  I mean I’m no bookworm, I read about 6-10 books a year but I constantly read articles, on-line publications, etc. The main thought in my head was, “How can a person make an informed decision on ANYTHING without reading about it?” and then a BIG DUH! hit me.

This is why our country is in the state it is in. The majority of Americans get their info from word of mouth and then we wonder why our society is deteriorating. The people in power take full advantage of this mass neglect of literacy and they play on it full throttle. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER PEOPLE! You don’t have to read Hemingway or Bronte, but for goodness sakes READ SOMETHING besides your Facebook feed for once, your BRAIN will THANK YOU!

LOVE & Hershey Bars

Abby Rae

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